Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cotton ink

Yap, I've been bitten by cotton ink bug. And I'm officially in love with their acid wash shawl, they're amazing! The shawls as their signature product are so versatile, you can wear it as a long shawl, crop cardigan, a cape, anything you named it.
For those of you who have never heard this Indonesian brand you can visit their blog at cottonink

I have known this brand for a while, but somehow it was just never appeal to me. In my personal opinion, the "sarung like" shawl was really not my style.

But when i finally decided to add some sparks on my casual, plain and oh so boring clothes, suddenly i found my self collecting 5 shawl within 2 weeks LOL.

Not to forget the reaction of my hubby when i first showed him my shawl.. it was like "what is this? some kind of mops or what?" haha.. men..

I do think that the shawl is nice and very unique, but sorry to say, the stitching and the finishing is not that special. And too bad that they don't even put a label on it.. i don't know whether they did it on purpose or not.
Dear cottonink, i want the world to know that i'm wearing the real cottonink, not the fancy cheap replica one...

Btw here's a pic of my shawl collection:

And this is me wearing acid Total Eclipse as a crop cardigan:

I've showed you mine, so let me see yours :) see ya!