Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Clothing Project

Being a stay at home mum has never been in my wildest dream, ever. So i guess destiny play his role again..
So here i am. I've been blessed for having such a great life. Incredibly yet humble and charismatic husband by my side, a truly adorable son making it even more complete.

Raka, my 1 year old boy has become my inspiration since the day he was born. My dream grows along his side. And i will keep my dream alive by taking care of him with all my heart.

It's been a year since i decided to be a full time mum. Raka is 16 months old at this time, and i guess now it's my turn to back into the business.
I was dreaming about having my own baby clothing label since forever. And i have promised to my self, if someday i finally had the chance to make it happen, i'm going to do it right and 100%.
we're far away from a plain and ordinary cute baby tee. So get ready babies, it's going to be BIG :) and yes mum, it's Organic!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAC lipstick

I'm a fan of nude lips and until now im still in the searching over a perfect nude lipstick. I believe nude lips could give a strong statement as much as the red lips does.
Since my lips are slightly dark specially my upper, its kinda hard for me to find the perfect nude and the perfect shade.

MAC has a huge range color of nude lips, but i haven't got the chance to try it on one by one. I guess it will be silly to stay hours trying on all the color that MAC have there hehe..
So. Instead of getting dizzy choosing which color suit me the best, i throw a question to MAC forum in FD. The girls out there were very helpful bout this. And so far i have noted a few option for me to try at the counter. By then the battle continue..

MAC Kinda Sexy

My favorite lipstick from MAC at the moment is Kinda Sexy. The color showed up as a neutral pinky rose with a matte finish. I love the color, i love the finishing appearance, and the fact that it doesn't dried up my lips really took my heart. Though its not categorized as the nude lipstick that i've been searching for, but it definately a must have item for those who like some color on them, not just a plain pink lips.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My MAC powder foundie

I'm a newbie to MAC cosmetics. But i've been eyeing on their products for a quite time. For a starter, i bought my self a MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation in NC35. It was my first MAC product which i purchase directly from the counter. I usually bought MAC trough a beauty spree that held by a Fashionesedaily forum member.

Overall i love this powder foundation. The shade match my skintone perfectly. The color is very natural and blended very well onto my skin. It has a good coverage without making my face looks heavy. Oil control is so-so, i still have to blot 2-3 times trough the day. But i'm totally fine with that :) blotting is not a crime :p

Me and my Balenciaga

I have never and will not becoming a collector of high end bags. It’s just not me (read: financial issue). I do love to surf the internet searching tons of branded bag pics, but i did it just for fun.
The only branded bag i'm crazy about is the famous Balenciaga motorcycle bag.
My City Bbag comes in a gold giant hardware, looks stunning over the dark brown leather. According to the color season, i believe it is Cafe 2007.
I bought the bag via online reseller. I'm in love with this perfect bag from the very first sight. The bag is in pre-loved condition, since i can’t afford the new one. But there’s no beauty has been taken away from it. The bag is soooo pretty i almost cry. See the picture, isn’t she lovely? I can't believe it's finally mine ;)


From now on I’m gonna try to spill out my words into this blog. I try to make it as simple as it possible. Yaiks, that doesn’t sounds like me at all haha. Back then when I was in high school, I labeled my self as a drama queen person, thus the silly nickname was Miss Ribets. Tadaaa…! The “ribet” label stayed on me for a quite long time . I even used it as my email address (!?) So, after years of carrying the negative aura, I finally decided to trash the id into the bin. So bye bye miss ribets.. and please welcome, dita!