Friday, June 26, 2009

Nars Luster and Nude lippie = perfecto :)

I'm posting a quick FOTD
This is a natural look, I'm going to the mall today :)

Nyx single skin, mink brown, carbon
Eyeliner using e/s carbon nyx
Maybelline mascara

Missha PC #23
MAC studio Fix powder foundie

Nars Luster
Mac Hot Planet

Beautystyle Shy Blush
Boots lipshine Tease

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nude lippie

Hi ladies.. i just came back from my short trip to Yogyakarta last night. I have so much to tell you, but my body is not very well right now, i feel like dozen of giant elephant sitting on my shoulder hehe..

In the meanwhile i'd like to do a lil post about nude pinkie lipstick here. Yes, i have finally found my another favorite lippie color. Yay..
Practically i has always been a Lipstick person, it took so long for me to realize how Lipgloss/lipshine/Liptint what so ever can effortlessly fixed an ugly lipstick and brighten up or even toned down a lipstick color. So, when Boots were having a major sale last month, i bought my self a Lipshine in natural brownish color for a starter (i'm still waiting for my previous order of Nyx megashine lipgloss to arrived)

What i wear:
- Beautystyle lipstick in Shy blush
- Boots no.7 lipshine

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FOTD : purple

I'm still working out on it girls.. doing FOTD is not actually my best ability, plus, i don't wear makeup that often, just for special occasion or if my mood is on.
So, i guess the mood is here, please enjoy..

Btw, i should start saving to get my self a decent camera. this FOTD was taken with my cellphone camera, and i'm not very happy with the result. all the color seems to be washed out. Look, i can't even see my beautiful nars Luster on my cheeks..hiks.. and the purple FOTD turned out to be -not so purple- FOTD. oh well.

mac pigment mink
nyx trio purple,prune
nyx single nude
nyx trio carbon
mad gel liner
maybeline xxl

olay moisturizer
garnier sunblock
mac studio fix
nars luster

beauty style shy blush
victoria secrets lipgloss

Drooling over MBMJ

When my sister asked my personal opinion about budget friendly designer bag that is worth her to buy, in less than a minute i answered Marc by Marc Jacobs :D. Yes i know the price were not actually that friendly to be honest, but they're still acceptable. Compare to the high end brand that is waaaay of my wallet.
Well, i'm not a fans of MJBJ. Not until this Dr.Q Groovee Pleated satchel bag that is drop dead gorgeous (IMO). The bag is simple, casual, chic, and not to mention the leather is to die for.

This tan color bag is officially become my drool list of the year.. cayo me!

price: $498

Btw i just realize, this one looks very similar to my Balenciaga
well, that's explain everything hehe

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nyx Single Eyeshadow

I heard so many great reviews 'bout the NYX single eyeshadow for their pigmentation and buttery soft texture. So when the NYX website was having a clearance sale on last March i decided to grab some things from them. I was planning to buy a Cream Cheese color at the first place. But when the sale is on, i ended up drooling on the whole package contains 48 shades of eye shadows. Yup you heard me right, 48.. LOL. The price was $43 for 48 pieces. That was a shocking cheap price huh?

The price that NYX offered were actually a very very good bargain, if you do live in the state. The sale applied for online buyers only, and they don't ship internationally as well.
Yes, It's pretty sad for international customer like me. But somehow, like many people said, there are thousand roads to Rome. So i won't give up on the first road.
In the middle of my drooling period, i received an unexpected massage from my sweet friend in FD forum (thank you Merry). She offered me to join her order and arranged a shipment to her relative's residences in US. In that case the package would be sent to Indonesia by her relative via USPS. But of course this will included an extra cost. Hell yeah, i said ok.

I was so excited. After waiting for about 1 month (I've been very patient), finally the package arrived. We had to paid almost twice the value of the item, included the shipping cost from US-Indonesia. Not to mentioned tax and custom duties. Sucksss...
But that's okay.. The price is still a good deal for me. Here in Indonesia, the single eyeshadow sold for $7 each in NYX counter. Non sense.

So.. after a long time waiting, here they are.
Please enjoy, as much that i do.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blush for less

I was desperately seeking for a new daily wear blush, since my old blush had finally hit the pan :) yay..
After doing a major shopping on blushes last month, i think it's about time for me to be more wise on my spending. This time i really really need to find a great blush on a budget.
I know that tons of drugstore brand offers a cheap yet great product on their cosmetic line. I personally had a view option in my mind. But they were kinda bored me. So while looking around at the Matahari Departement Store in Pejaten Village Mall, my eyes stumbled on a cosmetic counter named Deborah Milano.. (errr.. never heard that brand before). Later i found out that Deborah Milano is an Italian brand carries by the deborah Group. You can see the detail in their website.
I saw this shimmery and fluffy blushes named Hi-tech blusher displayed on the booth. They reminds me of MAC mineralize blush. I grabbed the peach color (number 24,Rame) and tried them on both of my cheeks, and i was amazed. It was an ultra fine textured powder that blends in flawlessly. The pigmentation was all right, but fine enough to give my cheeks an even toned flush. It's not as shimmery as it looks in the pan, so it's pretty wearable for my daily activities. The color is mild tone peach, quite natural for my Nc35 skin tone.
The best things of all is that they are a very budget friendly blush, it is only around $8 (IDR 96.000)

Seeing double? nop, this picture is an original MAC mineralize blush in Nuance. Look how similar the color is.

pic was taken from e-bay (they are not actually mine)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Need to conceal?

I have just received my Nyx Concealer In Jar package this morning. I bought the medium shade. In the jar, the color seems a lil bit too red for my yellow undertone. But once applied it blended in nicely. The texture is very creamy, smooth, light weight and easily spread. I used it to conceal my under eye bag and dark circle, and the result was surprisingly great. With $5 price (i paid for IDR 75.000) this miracle in a jar definitely a great deal.
What i don't like from this product is the jar packaging. It is not the most hygienic way to store this concealer. I guess the best way to use this concealer is by using brush for application.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Hot Planet


Eventhough i am a matte blush person, I was pretty excited to get the Grand Duo Collection from MAC. Since the Grand Duo are not available here in Indonesia, I bought my self a Hot Planet on the other day trough beauty spree held by a Fashionesedaily forum member.
Hot Planet is copper yellow melange and mid-tone plum. The retail price is $22.50 (around IDR 230.000, yet i ended up paying IDR 260.000, thanks to the Rupiah high rate exchange, boooo). But my disappointment paid by the fact that the blush were actually cost a very good price. I soon realize, with that cost of money, literally i get 3 blushes in a pan; the solid side, the marbled side, and the blended one. I personally love the blended color, they are so pretty. Plum, with a hint of orange color in it.
Overall I was impressed by the MAC Grand Duo. Beside the texture was silky smooth and had a great pigmentation, the shimmer is nice also, very subtle and gives a healthy glow on my cheeks.

taken in direct sunlight

indoor without flash

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nars Luster + MAC MSF Brunette

I did a major blushes shopping this month (and I'm so god damn happy :D)
As you can see in my latest haul, i bought my self a Nars Luster, MAC grand duo, and the pricey MAC MSF Brunette from BBR collection. Yes, I'm officially banned from cosmetics shopping for at least a couple months ahead. Sigh..

Nars Luster
I have a little problem applying this blush for the very first time. I use my stippling brush and it didn't seems to work well. The color didn't show up on my cheeks, they were very sheen.
So i tried with my EM Kabuki Brush on the second attempt, and the result was great. Luster is a warm sandy peach color. I'm NC 35 and this color gives my face a healthy glow look.
I tried to pair this blush with my MSF brunette as a highlighter. i layered a single swipe of MSF and voila! the color become more vibrant and alive. I really like it :)

here's the pic

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

I have read about how women are using Monistat's Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as a make-up base primer. Monistat powder gel is well known as a great dupe for the Smashbox Photo Primer and any other pricey primer. Monistat is a brand that provide a medical treatment for woman who has problem with yeast infection. But to tell you the truth, this powder gel has nothing to do with yeast infection at all. For what the product claims: it is great for daily prevention and relief of chafing and irritation in delicate areas like your inner thighs, bikini area, underarms and breasts. The formula is unique: the easy-to-apply gel dries to form a silky, breathable barrier. It calms skin while preventing the irritation caused by moisture, heat and movement. (taken from official website of Monistat)

Ok, enough about v-area :D, let's talk about this "makeup miracle in a tube"

Here's my review:
This gel dries into a powder finish and creates a matte surface as soon as i apply on my face. It is also softens appearance of fine lines. Monistat make my makeup glides on effortlessly and stays on trough the day. I use a mineral makeup and i found that Monistat helps the foundation less cakey and easily spread. It is a non greasy formula, so it feels like i use nothing on my face.

$7.99USD (1.5 oz)
it is IDR 80.000

My picture using Monistat and Ciel Mineral Foundation.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FOTD : soft makeup

Face: Ultima II Liquid Foundie, Ultima II pressed powder
Eyes: UDPP, Revlon Illuminance Precious Metals, Caring Silver Starsea, NYX Ceramic, Maybelline Mascara XXL
Lip: Beauty Style French Look + Revlon (red) + Lipgloss Victoria Secrets
Cheeks: caring peachy pink

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May haul

My recent purchases..
-MAC studio fix powder foundation NC35
-MSF brunette
-MAC hot planet
-MAC lipstick Kinda sexy
-Revlon lipstick sensual
-Nars Luster
-CS brushes
-MAD gel liner black cherry
-fake eyelashes
-Monistat anti chaffing powder gel
-Eternalips from erhalogy

i will do some swatches and review later.. in the meanwhile,please enjoy my haul :)