Monday, January 25, 2010

Fashionesedaily Makeup Class

Well helow..
Couple days ago i joined an annual makeup class held by Fashionesedaily forum. I was having so much fun. Trained by the super nice and humble mentor Darwyn Tse (Training Manager of MAC cosmetic), i learned how to maximize my makeup collections to achieve the Hollywood Celebrities Looks such as Ditta von teese, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian.

Here are some pics from the event

The beautiful lady in the middle is Hani, founder of Fashionesedaily blog and forum. She's awesome! not to forget very pretty also :)

Darwyn doing a Kim Kardashian looks for Hani

The MAC collections

Me with some new friends

FOTD: Ditta Von Teese looks (geez, i'm not ready for red lippie)

FOTD: Kim Kardashian looks

To get this look, I used Nyx single and palette eyeshadow
TBS bronzer on my cheeks
Nyx Circe + Beautystyle shy blush on my lips
For the face, i used MAC Studio Sculpt NC42 + concealer NW35 (undereye)

U know what, the foundation is actually great on normal- oily t-zone skin like me. I've never tried MAC Studio sculpt before, and pretty amazed by it actually. Yes I know the review is not that good at Makeupalley, but surprise surprise, it does looks good on me :D
I mean, i blotted my face after 4 hours, and 6 hours later my face still looked well polished. The one con about this is that it makes you look a lot lighter in photos. You can tell instantly by lookin at my first FOTD pic.
The foundie gives me good coverage without feeling thick nor greasy. Well i think it is also depends on the brush you use with it. Darwyn applied the foundation lightly with 188 stippling brush and the result was superb.
And for that, this Studio Sculpt foundation is officially jump in to my makeup drooling list :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

The shade of you: MAC brush giveaway

Giveaway time!
This giveaway is from The Shade of You. Available to all The Shades Of U subscribers, including international readers (outside of the U.S.). MAC enthusiasts will love the prizes as well. Two holiday brush sets will be given away, and two winners will get one brush set each. The first one is from the 2009 Holiday Magic, Mirth and Mischief brush sets: the Wave of a Wand Sweep and Define Brush Set. Another winner shall win the MAC Holiday 2008 Adoring Carmine Face Brush Set

For further info klick here

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Here is another FOTD of me..

What i used:

- Nyx pigment mink brown
- Sariayu e/s merak kasmaran (yellow,purple,teal)
- Eyeliner My Darling
-Maybelline mascara xxxl

- BB cream Missha PC#23
- EM beige medium neutral matte

- Nars Gina

- Mac kinda sexy
- Beautystyle shy blush

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cotton ink

Yap, I've been bitten by cotton ink bug. And I'm officially in love with their acid wash shawl, they're amazing! The shawls as their signature product are so versatile, you can wear it as a long shawl, crop cardigan, a cape, anything you named it.
For those of you who have never heard this Indonesian brand you can visit their blog at cottonink

I have known this brand for a while, but somehow it was just never appeal to me. In my personal opinion, the "sarung like" shawl was really not my style.

But when i finally decided to add some sparks on my casual, plain and oh so boring clothes, suddenly i found my self collecting 5 shawl within 2 weeks LOL.

Not to forget the reaction of my hubby when i first showed him my shawl.. it was like "what is this? some kind of mops or what?" haha.. men..

I do think that the shawl is nice and very unique, but sorry to say, the stitching and the finishing is not that special. And too bad that they don't even put a label on it.. i don't know whether they did it on purpose or not.
Dear cottonink, i want the world to know that i'm wearing the real cottonink, not the fancy cheap replica one...

Btw here's a pic of my shawl collection:

And this is me wearing acid Total Eclipse as a crop cardigan:

I've showed you mine, so let me see yours :) see ya!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I got it back. Only it's bigger!

A month ago a sold my Balenciaga City Bag for some reason. And it turned out to be my biggest remorse after all. I missed it soo much it hurts :(
After weeks of searching for the new bag.. i finally found what i was looking for. Balenciaga Cafe 2007 in Work size. Well I believe some things happen for a reason. The bag is exactly the same color as my previous one, same years and season, only the size that makes the difference. Work is bigger than the City.. and no shoulder strap included (I'm not using it anyway).
I always like a BIG bag.. so this Work size is a perfect size for me.

Here's the beautiful pictures of my new (to me) Balenciaga Bag..
The leather is very soft, better and even softer than my previous City bag.. it is smooshy and pillowy.. i want to hug her everyday :)

Color: Cafe
Size : Work/officier
Years : 2007
Hardware : Gold Giant Hardware

Some moddeling pics..

And this pic was taken right before i sent my City bag to the new owner.. Nicely packed and ready to go. Bubye love, i hope your new owner taking care of you better than me.

Thank you hubby, you really make it happen. And yup.. I'm officially banned and learning to live with it. LOL..

Nyx round lippie

Whoops.. it's been two months since my very last post. Sorry for my hiatus.. I've been doing some project that made my blogging time become so tight.

Ok, for today let me do swatches from my new added Nyx round lipstick collection . I guess everybody have already know how creamy, pigmented and easy to glide the Nyx lipstick is. So, no more review for this one, just color swatches. I hope the picture is clear enough.. enjoy :)
Oya, you can always click the picture for a larger view..

In this picture, i use Nyx Mars and Nyx Tea.. Mars looks very pink on my lips but not in a bad way..
Since I'm not really into a -pinkish only- shade, adding some Tea will be perfect to makes the color appearance a lil bit brown.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gina Gina Gina..

Hai everyone.. this is how Nars Gina shows on my cheeks.. applied with stippling brush..
maybe it looks like a lil bit peachy on the pic, but in IRL it's pure orange.

I use no eye makeup.. just BB cream, venus loose powder in transparent, and Nyx Circe + Boots no.7 lipgloss in Tease.. and off course nars Gina :)