Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DIY Tinted lipbalm

I was thinking about selling or swapping my neglected Erhalogy lip balm. Not until i read Nancy DIY tutorial about making your own tinted lip balm. You should check out her blog, it is an awesome blog :)

What you need:
- lip balm (any lip balm will do, they have to be colorless for sure)
- blush (i use my Everyday Minerals blush in B&B + back to school)
- container (mini jar)
- toothpick
- flat iron
- metal spoon

1. what you do is simply put a generous amount of your lip balm into the metal spoon. and then place the spoon right into the middle of the flat iron until it's melted (make sure you set the level temperature into the max setting)

2. once the lip balm is melted, sprinkle a desired amount of the blush and mix them carefully until you meet the shade you like.

3. pour the melted lip balm into the jar, let it dry. for a better result, i putted mine into the microwave in auto defrost/low setting for about 10 seconds. It will make the surface appearance become smoother and looked like professionally done :)

Cute huh?

Yes, they are very sheer in color, since it's not a lipstick. But to be honest i really like it, coz i found my old lip balm is still the same, the texture, the smell, except for the color off course. Making it less boring :D
It was a fun experiment though, thank you Nancy for inspiring me :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


Girlss... i just want to share my lipsticks collection. They all came in neutral color i believe. Not much but i hope this swatches will do some help for you. Here they go..

My HG lipstick :
MAC half n half
Beautystyle Shy blush

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mini haul and swatches

Hai girls..
I'd like to show you my mini haul..
This time i came up with a budget friendly haul, not to mentioned the Mac lipstick, i got it from my sister in law as a gift.. yay.. so it cost me zero :lol:

Ok, here they are, save your wallet ladies..

Mac Half n half
It's a nude shade with a hint of pink. The color is very natural so it would be great for my daily wear. Love it!

Sariayu e/s merak kasmaran
Another Indonesian cosmetic brand that is worth to try . Beside the price was a dirt cheap, the quality is shocking great too. I love the color from the collection called Merak Kasmaran. The mini palette come in a trio with a very vibrant and pigmented color (yellow, purple and teal)
Price? IDR 32.000 ($3)

Sariayu duo Lipgloss
This lipgloss was alright. There's nothing special bout it. When i opened the tube for the first time, the only thing that bothered me so much was the smell. To be honest, I hate it.
It's a very uncommon smell for me. Reminds me of an bubblegum but not in a good way, they are just too strong. I felt overdosed by bubblegum, hhhhh...

My Darling liquid eyeliner
They are cheap, black, easy to apply, and waterproof. End of discussion :)
(IDR 25.000, $2)

Nyx round lipstick Pumpkin Pie
The first time i tried this lipstick on my lips, i found the texture was a little bit sheer for me. And the finished result was frost. I never like a frost lipstick, it make my lips looks pale. But the color? me lurve it. It's a beautiful peachy orange color.