Friday, October 23, 2009

I got it back. Only it's bigger!

A month ago a sold my Balenciaga City Bag for some reason. And it turned out to be my biggest remorse after all. I missed it soo much it hurts :(
After weeks of searching for the new bag.. i finally found what i was looking for. Balenciaga Cafe 2007 in Work size. Well I believe some things happen for a reason. The bag is exactly the same color as my previous one, same years and season, only the size that makes the difference. Work is bigger than the City.. and no shoulder strap included (I'm not using it anyway).
I always like a BIG bag.. so this Work size is a perfect size for me.

Here's the beautiful pictures of my new (to me) Balenciaga Bag..
The leather is very soft, better and even softer than my previous City bag.. it is smooshy and pillowy.. i want to hug her everyday :)

Color: Cafe
Size : Work/officier
Years : 2007
Hardware : Gold Giant Hardware

Some moddeling pics..

And this pic was taken right before i sent my City bag to the new owner.. Nicely packed and ready to go. Bubye love, i hope your new owner taking care of you better than me.

Thank you hubby, you really make it happen. And yup.. I'm officially banned and learning to live with it. LOL..

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