Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Clothing Project

Being a stay at home mum has never been in my wildest dream, ever. So i guess destiny play his role again..
So here i am. I've been blessed for having such a great life. Incredibly yet humble and charismatic husband by my side, a truly adorable son making it even more complete.

Raka, my 1 year old boy has become my inspiration since the day he was born. My dream grows along his side. And i will keep my dream alive by taking care of him with all my heart.

It's been a year since i decided to be a full time mum. Raka is 16 months old at this time, and i guess now it's my turn to back into the business.
I was dreaming about having my own baby clothing label since forever. And i have promised to my self, if someday i finally had the chance to make it happen, i'm going to do it right and 100%.
we're far away from a plain and ordinary cute baby tee. So get ready babies, it's going to be BIG :) and yes mum, it's Organic!

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