Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAC lipstick

I'm a fan of nude lips and until now im still in the searching over a perfect nude lipstick. I believe nude lips could give a strong statement as much as the red lips does.
Since my lips are slightly dark specially my upper, its kinda hard for me to find the perfect nude and the perfect shade.

MAC has a huge range color of nude lips, but i haven't got the chance to try it on one by one. I guess it will be silly to stay hours trying on all the color that MAC have there hehe..
So. Instead of getting dizzy choosing which color suit me the best, i throw a question to MAC forum in FD. The girls out there were very helpful bout this. And so far i have noted a few option for me to try at the counter. By then the battle continue..

MAC Kinda Sexy

My favorite lipstick from MAC at the moment is Kinda Sexy. The color showed up as a neutral pinky rose with a matte finish. I love the color, i love the finishing appearance, and the fact that it doesn't dried up my lips really took my heart. Though its not categorized as the nude lipstick that i've been searching for, but it definately a must have item for those who like some color on them, not just a plain pink lips.

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