Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Me and my Balenciaga

I have never and will not becoming a collector of high end bags. It’s just not me (read: financial issue). I do love to surf the internet searching tons of branded bag pics, but i did it just for fun.
The only branded bag i'm crazy about is the famous Balenciaga motorcycle bag.
My City Bbag comes in a gold giant hardware, looks stunning over the dark brown leather. According to the color season, i believe it is Cafe 2007.
I bought the bag via online reseller. I'm in love with this perfect bag from the very first sight. The bag is in pre-loved condition, since i can’t afford the new one. But there’s no beauty has been taken away from it. The bag is soooo pretty i almost cry. See the picture, isn’t she lovely? I can't believe it's finally mine ;)

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