Monday, July 6, 2009

Mini haul and swatches

Hai girls..
I'd like to show you my mini haul..
This time i came up with a budget friendly haul, not to mentioned the Mac lipstick, i got it from my sister in law as a gift.. yay.. so it cost me zero :lol:

Ok, here they are, save your wallet ladies..

Mac Half n half
It's a nude shade with a hint of pink. The color is very natural so it would be great for my daily wear. Love it!

Sariayu e/s merak kasmaran
Another Indonesian cosmetic brand that is worth to try . Beside the price was a dirt cheap, the quality is shocking great too. I love the color from the collection called Merak Kasmaran. The mini palette come in a trio with a very vibrant and pigmented color (yellow, purple and teal)
Price? IDR 32.000 ($3)

Sariayu duo Lipgloss
This lipgloss was alright. There's nothing special bout it. When i opened the tube for the first time, the only thing that bothered me so much was the smell. To be honest, I hate it.
It's a very uncommon smell for me. Reminds me of an bubblegum but not in a good way, they are just too strong. I felt overdosed by bubblegum, hhhhh...

My Darling liquid eyeliner
They are cheap, black, easy to apply, and waterproof. End of discussion :)
(IDR 25.000, $2)

Nyx round lipstick Pumpkin Pie
The first time i tried this lipstick on my lips, i found the texture was a little bit sheer for me. And the finished result was frost. I never like a frost lipstick, it make my lips looks pale. But the color? me lurve it. It's a beautiful peachy orange color.


  1. nice haul :) jadinya beli dimana sariayu, Dit?

  2. Aku juga suka banget sama eye shadow sariayu Merak Kasmaran....gila...murah meriah....mana dipake tahan lama...kalo lipglossnya aku gak terlalu suka :D