Friday, July 17, 2009


Girlss... i just want to share my lipsticks collection. They all came in neutral color i believe. Not much but i hope this swatches will do some help for you. Here they go..

My HG lipstick :
MAC half n half
Beautystyle Shy blush


  1. dit, half n half looks good..
    if you like nudy pinkish shade, try huge me.

    thanks for the swatches.
    they helped a lot

  2. huaaaaaaaaa warna nya bagus baguuuuuuuuuuus <3

  3. Wah, Beautystle lippies look surprisingly great! I always see them around di mall2 tapi ga pernah liat jelas...thanks for sharing, love those neutral pinky colors!

  4. fis, hug me jg target gw tuh. tp pernah nyoba di konter ga keluar lho warnanya di gw wakwaaww.. sebel deh. i'd like to give another try ah :D

    ai, naahh yg gw bingung, frapuccino tua bgt di gw, sdangkan di elo bagusss..

    nanzy, you should try then. my fave are french look en shy blush.. mau restock shy blush lg nih dah mau abis hehe.. oya they're having a sale right now, buy 2 get 1 free :)