Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nude lippie

Hi ladies.. i just came back from my short trip to Yogyakarta last night. I have so much to tell you, but my body is not very well right now, i feel like dozen of giant elephant sitting on my shoulder hehe..

In the meanwhile i'd like to do a lil post about nude pinkie lipstick here. Yes, i have finally found my another favorite lippie color. Yay..
Practically i has always been a Lipstick person, it took so long for me to realize how Lipgloss/lipshine/Liptint what so ever can effortlessly fixed an ugly lipstick and brighten up or even toned down a lipstick color. So, when Boots were having a major sale last month, i bought my self a Lipshine in natural brownish color for a starter (i'm still waiting for my previous order of Nyx megashine lipgloss to arrived)

What i wear:
- Beautystyle lipstick in Shy blush
- Boots no.7 lipshine


  1. lippienya bagus deh~~ :D
    i never found a good nude lipstick shade~~ =.=

  2. tq.. same with me :lol:
    this is the right combo so far.
    biasanya pake nude gagal molo hehehe