Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MAC Mineralize Blush in Hot Planet


Eventhough i am a matte blush person, I was pretty excited to get the Grand Duo Collection from MAC. Since the Grand Duo are not available here in Indonesia, I bought my self a Hot Planet on the other day trough beauty spree held by a Fashionesedaily forum member.
Hot Planet is copper yellow melange and mid-tone plum. The retail price is $22.50 (around IDR 230.000, yet i ended up paying IDR 260.000, thanks to the Rupiah high rate exchange, boooo). But my disappointment paid by the fact that the blush were actually cost a very good price. I soon realize, with that cost of money, literally i get 3 blushes in a pan; the solid side, the marbled side, and the blended one. I personally love the blended color, they are so pretty. Plum, with a hint of orange color in it.
Overall I was impressed by the MAC Grand Duo. Beside the texture was silky smooth and had a great pigmentation, the shimmer is nice also, very subtle and gives a healthy glow on my cheeks.

taken in direct sunlight

indoor without flash

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