Thursday, June 18, 2009

FOTD : purple

I'm still working out on it girls.. doing FOTD is not actually my best ability, plus, i don't wear makeup that often, just for special occasion or if my mood is on.
So, i guess the mood is here, please enjoy..

Btw, i should start saving to get my self a decent camera. this FOTD was taken with my cellphone camera, and i'm not very happy with the result. all the color seems to be washed out. Look, i can't even see my beautiful nars Luster on my cheeks..hiks.. and the purple FOTD turned out to be -not so purple- FOTD. oh well.

mac pigment mink
nyx trio purple,prune
nyx single nude
nyx trio carbon
mad gel liner
maybeline xxl

olay moisturizer
garnier sunblock
mac studio fix
nars luster

beauty style shy blush
victoria secrets lipgloss


  1. waah baguuus kok di foto kedua keliatan ungu2 nyaaa.. well done, Dit! :D

  2. pretty!!! very soft color, I like your lashes, Dit....very long =D

  3. hi, Dit! i tagged you.. cek yaaah! ohohohoho

  4. thanks ai en Nanzy...
    iya nih, kok jatohnya jd soft banget ya di foto. aslinya ga se soft itu sih.. butut bener deh ni hape hehe..