Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nyx Single Eyeshadow

I heard so many great reviews 'bout the NYX single eyeshadow for their pigmentation and buttery soft texture. So when the NYX website was having a clearance sale on last March i decided to grab some things from them. I was planning to buy a Cream Cheese color at the first place. But when the sale is on, i ended up drooling on the whole package contains 48 shades of eye shadows. Yup you heard me right, 48.. LOL. The price was $43 for 48 pieces. That was a shocking cheap price huh?

The price that NYX offered were actually a very very good bargain, if you do live in the state. The sale applied for online buyers only, and they don't ship internationally as well.
Yes, It's pretty sad for international customer like me. But somehow, like many people said, there are thousand roads to Rome. So i won't give up on the first road.
In the middle of my drooling period, i received an unexpected massage from my sweet friend in FD forum (thank you Merry). She offered me to join her order and arranged a shipment to her relative's residences in US. In that case the package would be sent to Indonesia by her relative via USPS. But of course this will included an extra cost. Hell yeah, i said ok.

I was so excited. After waiting for about 1 month (I've been very patient), finally the package arrived. We had to paid almost twice the value of the item, included the shipping cost from US-Indonesia. Not to mentioned tax and custom duties. Sucksss...
But that's okay.. The price is still a good deal for me. Here in Indonesia, the single eyeshadow sold for $7 each in NYX counter. Non sense.

So.. after a long time waiting, here they are.
Please enjoy, as much that i do.


  1. wow! what a great collection, especially for that amazing price! I'm jealous ;P

  2. dear Lord! hahahaaa! that's a HUGE haul, Dit! so how do you like them? make some EOTDs! i'd love to see some of the colors :)

  3. hoaaa..yup that was HUGE :D
    i'll do some swatch n perhaps an FOTD. right now i'm still learning how to be a good "bencong" anyway hehe.
    i'm not really good at it, but i'll try :)